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InterGroup promotes the meeting point between tradition and innovation to open new educational pathways. In partnership with highly recognized academic institutions as well as disruptive content producers engaged in various fields of knowledge, we are able to meet the latest educational demands.

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New products for new, current and returning students.


Up-to-date content aligned with the job market.


Modernization of educational practices and resources/tools.

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The founders

Innovation driven by new technologies is directly connected with Arsenio’s extensive international career. After enriching initial years in International Trading,  Arsenio entered the computer and internet world and has not left it for the last 30 years. He worked in major companies such as Packard Bell, Buscape and was co-founder of Eduzz, one of the most important players in digital publishing and affiliate marketing. With this background and experience, Arsenio is leading InterGroup towards bringing about disruptive digital solutions  to conventional educational institutions, enabling them to tap into the most modern digital content marketing models.

Arsenio Pagliarini

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years experience as a professor and a pioneer developer of e-learning projects, Léo Barbieri is passionate about digital marketing, technology and social entrepreneurship. He is an invaluable asset when it comes to his in-depth knowledge and expertise about educational products’ strategies and how they conform to new models and structures.

Léo Barbieri

CTO - Chef Technology Officer / COO - Chief Operations Officer

For 25 years Carlos Eduardo has been involved in academia as a professor of business administration and economics as well as head of one of the largest private higher learning institutions in the Brazilian state of Parana (FESP). This track record has given Carlos Eduardo first-hand knowledge regarding the evolution in education throughout the years, and with it, a keen awareness of how new knowledge rooted in technology can effectively bring about changes to universities and its student body.

Carlos Eduardo Guimarães

CAO - Chief Academic Officer

Formal education has always been of great importance in Francisco Lucchesi’s career.

A lawyer by trade, he has been active in legal practice for 30+ years, in addition to holding positions in leading private sector companies as well as his own ventures. Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience, Francisco noticed that the educational market presents a perfect opportunity for offering quality products at reduced rates to the greatest number of people.

Francisco Lucchesi

CLO - Chief Legal Officer

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Group Companies

Education Tecnology

Active in the Brazilian market, our company helps to connect content producers and distributors by means of technological tools, with a focus on generating new opportunities within the realm of DL.

Education Technology

With a global vision, InterClad follows the group’s guidelines for consolidating the exchange of educational products, disseminating disruptive content on a global level

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